CVSA Roadcheck June 2-4 2015



June 2-4 are the dates for this year’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) roadside inspection Roadcheck program.

This targeted enforcement program as you know focuses on commercial motor vehicles and each year they place a special emphasis on a certain categories of violations. Last year the emphasis was on hazardous material and this year it will be on cargo securement.

Now you may be thinking of flat-bed and hazardous loads when you hear cargo securement, and you are right. The chances of an inspection for cargo securement on a dry van load are certainly much less but could still happen. If an inspection is done where they cut the seal and inspect the load, they will put one of their seals on the trailer. Keep the old seal. They will also note the bill of lading with the new seal number. Let dispatch know the shipper seal was broken by the inspectors and that you have a new seal on the trailer.


What Should You Expect This Year?

  • Do a thorough Pre Trip Inspection
  • CVSA has stated the checks will center on North American Standard Level 1 inspections which are the most in-depth inspection on the vehicle and the driver.
  • You will be asked to provide your CDL, medical card and logs. WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT. And wear it in the complete and proper manner.
  • The vehicles check will include the following:
  • Tires, lights, suspension, wheels and rims, exhaust, brakes, steering, wipers, frame, fuel system.

These inspections count toward our CSA scores.


What Can You Do To Be Ready?


  • Do a thorough Pre Trip Inspection
  • Have 7 days previous logs plus today at all times and current to the last change of duty status
  • Have your CDL and medical card at hands reach
  • Go through your permit book and make sure everything is there
  • Check each trailer you pick up to see that it has the registration
  • Yes Sir Yes Ma’am – No Sir No Ma’am   

Inspections are no fun. But the good news is you get $100 for a clean one. Please be aware this means nothing noted on the inspection – driver or equipment. Even if it is just a lamp out you will not get the $100.