How much are Drivers Earning Per Year? 

Our average salary is $72,000 per year, with our top 10% of drivers averaging $82,000.

Is Orientation Paid?

Yes, we pay $150.00 during orientation.  In addition, we do pay for your hotel and meals and you will receive the first $500 portion of your sign on bonus the Tuesday after orientation.

How do I get to orientation? 

Our dispatch arranges for you to be picked up by one of our trucks coming through your area and bringing you to Versailles. We pick up new drivers on Mondays for the 1 ½ day orientation on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Where do I stay during orientation? 

You will stay at the Quality Inn in Greenville, OH.

Do I have to share a room with someone? 

No, you have your own room.

Do I need personal money for orientation? 

No, all meals and lodging are paid for.

What is the payroll schedule? 

You are paid weekly, direct deposit. You receive the first installment of the sign-on bonus the first week after orientation.

Is it assigned units or is there slip-seating? 

You are assigned a unit, no slip-seating.

Do you have dedicated runs?

Yes, there are dedicated runs but drivers are not hired in to specifically run a dedicated route.

Can I get payroll on the fuel card? 

We do not put payroll on the fuel card.

How do the bonus programs work? 

Our bonus programs provide great opportunities to enhance your driving career. Please see the Driver Qualification Page for a description of the bonus programs and the separate breakout for detailed information.

Are you using e-logs or paper?

We are now using elogs instead of paper.

Are all your trucks automatics? 

Yes, all of our units are automatics.

What speed are they governed at? 

Trucks are presently governed at 68 mph.

Do I park the truck at home?

Yes you do, in a safe and secure location.

What is your passenger policy? 

A passenger over 16 years of age can go with you after 30 days of safe driving with the company.

What is your Pet Policy?

  • One Cat or Dog maximum 30 lbs, no aggressive breeds (Pohl’s discretion).
  • $500 Deposit (Refundable minus any pet damage and cleaning fees). This deposit can be paid up front, or in 5 weekly installments. Driver can have a pet in the truck while paying the 5 weekly payments.
  • You will have to sign off on our Pet Policy for and deposit information before you can have your pet in the truck with you.
  • Must have up to date vaccinations/rabies shots and carry this record in the truck at all times. Pohl must be provided a copy also.
  • Pet must remain in truck on customer or company property, except for during a truck service.
  • Trucks will be checked for cleanliness during visits to the yard.
  • Be sure to clean up after your pet during restroom breaks.
  • Violations of policy will result in removal of pet from truck. Pohl has the final decision on pet removal.
  • Common Sense Prevails, having a pet is a privilege.

What fuel stops do you use?

We have our own fuel stop directory that has the major truck stops in a state by state format.

How often can I wash the truck?

We pay for two truck washes per month.

Is dispatch available 24/7?

Yes, we have 24/7 coverage.

Where do the trucks get serviced at?

We have a full service maintenance shop at our Versailles location. If need be, utilizing our vendor network, we can service trucks at remote locations.

How do I send in paperwork?

You can either use your phone or the tablet in the truck to send in your paperwork digitally through McLeod.

What kind of truck communications do you use?


Does Pohl Transportation have Per Diem Pay?