10 Must-See Truck Stops for Drivers in the U.S. – Part 1


Ahh…the great open road.

Nothing compares to driving across America and seeing the country in its entirety. Even more, who doesn’t love pulling over for the night at a great truck stop?

These days, the “Home Away from Home” truck stops most drivers are familiar with from the old days are slowly starting to fade away as the larger truck stop chains spread. With that said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with what the larger truck stop chains have to offer thanks to having greater resources for drivers.

To help determine which trucks stops in America – big and small – are the best, the team at Pohl Transportation decided to put together a list of 10 of our favorites. (We’ll be sharing the first five in Part 1, and second five in Part 2)

How do you think our picks stack up?


1. Derrick Plaza Truck Stop

I-85, Exit 71

Salisbury, NC

Where do we even begin with The Derrick Plaza?

Its 24-hour restaurant is consistently ranked as one of the top in the country by USA Today. They have electricity stations which means drivers can shut down their rigs, while still powering heat, AC and appliances. Nothing like saving a little extra on fuel costs and helping the environment, eh?

Rounding out Derrick Plaza is a 24-hour chapel. Oh, and if you’re looking to get spruced up for the night you can stop by its barbershop.


2. Highland Petro Stop

I-94 and Highway 20, Exit 333

Racine, WI

Sure, we’ve already heard of a few truck stops with barbershops but what about the ladies?

The Highland Petro Stop in Racine, Wisc., has them covered thank to an in-house hair salon. The Racine also has a theater room and for those drivers who’s backs are hurting after a long day of driving – a complete chiropractor service.


3.  Iowa 80 Truck Stop

I-80, Exit 284

Walcott, IA

The Iowa 80 made a name for itself as the largest truck stop in America; it features parking for 800 rigs.

It also boasts a dentist office, dog wash, barbershop and even a truck museum.

One major highlight is the Iowa 80’s Super Truck Showroom which features wall-to-wall chrome and lights in addition to a selection of accessories for drivers looking to customize their rigs.


4. Jubitz Travel Plaza

I-5, Exit 307

Portland, OR

Ever heard of a truck stop having an arcade? How about a cinema? Dance Club?

If not, then it’s time to head up to Portland, Ore. to check out the Jubitz Travel Plaza. It has all of them an more. Its Ponderosa Lounger offers live music as well.

The Jubitz also boasts upscale hotel suites (yep, that includes hot tubs), as well as more modest hotel arrangements.


5. Alamo Plaza

I-80, Exit 21

Sparks, NV

Nevada isn’t exactly the most “fun” state to drive across so the Alamo Plaza definitely serves as an oasis of change amidst a sea of sand.

For those looking to try their hand a Lady Luck, the Alamo offers slot machines, Blackjack tables, Keno and more. It also offers a huge parking area – 20 acres.