The Top 10 Truck Stop Snacks According to Pohl Transportation, Inc.

Top 10 Truck Stop Snacks

It’s been a long day of driving on the open road and you’re hungry.

Really hungry.

The worst part is you’ve been driving for hours.

Everything is closed.

But wait what’s that in the distance? A 24-hr truck stop! Thoughts of Tornado’s and Combos suddenly fill your head with happy thoughts. Hope is just up the road…

For many truck drivers, the 24-hr truck stop is not only a place to pull over, but a spot to grab some long-awaited grub after a long day on the road. The best part is these days the sky is the limit on what many truck stops have to offer when it comes to “fine travel dining.”

The team at Pohl Transportation, Inc. has decided to put together a list of 10 of our favorite truck stop snacks in order. After you’re done, let us know in the comments if you agree with our list or not.

sides-hotdogBig10.  The Classic Hot Dog

That’s right. Who doesn’t love a good Frank? The hot dog can not only be found at most truck stops, but most gas stations as well. They’re easy to cook, delicious and you can dress them up however you would like.

9. Pickle in a Bag4dd5afc59937c78dc1f9ba3ab635e18c

Ahhh the giant pickled in a bag.  A refreshing, yet salty snack which comes in a package almost impossible to open, it’s obvious how popular this truck stop snack is by the ever-growing number of different companies selling them.

P.S. Ever notice these things are often placed right next to the cash register?

nacho-700x5218. Cheap Nachos

And we stress cheap. But hey, when are nachos ever that expensive, even at a restaurant? Sometimes the biggest joys in life are the little things – like semi-stale corn chips smothered in process cheese.

But hey who cares. They’re still delicious.


7. Frosted Fruit Pies

0078993683f7ab469bcd2a5823a1f853Let’s face it the image above has become synonymous with gas stations everywhere.

These classic snacks are made by a variety of brands but the Hostess line of pies is easily the most recognizable.  Please note however just because some are filled with fruit doesn’t mean they’re a healthy snack. Thankfully if you go with a chocolate pudding pie one you’re at least being honest with yourself.


mpgtcy2s7ivrltjknic06. Doughnuts

How could we mention frosted fruit pies without bringing up doughnuts.

Depending on the truck stop or gas station you’re at, you’ll likely find a variety of them in a case somewhere inside either. One of the most famous, Krispy Kreme, have built and entire portion of their business around setting up fresh Krispy Kreme in stations and stops as well.


5. Little Debbie (Pick Your Poison)Little-Debbie-Family-Pack1

Nutty Bars, Oatmeal Pies and Starcrunches, oh my!

When we say “Pick Your Poison” we’re basically saying it really doesn’t matter what kind of Little Debbie you buy at a gas station or truck stop.


Because they’re all delicious of course.

That is all.
COMBOS_Group_Shot4.  Combos

Whatever genius came up with these snacks should always be remembered as contributing one of the most delicious snacks to truck stops. Cheese stuffed in a pretzel. Well, it’s kind of cheese isn’t it? Regardless, Combos are undoubtedly a good example of food science at it’s finest.

3. Tornado’s

They’ve been also referred to as Taquitos and even Hillbilly Spring Rolls. Regardless of what you call the, the only thing you need to know is they’re delicious.

Imagine it. One day someone said let’s create a breaded tube filled with experimental meat paste and see how it goes. People tried them. They were delicious. Now they’re everywhere.

The Tornado’s have taken this country by storm.


mars-candy-251x3002. King Size Candy Bars

Whether it’s Snickers or a 3 Musketeers or a 5th Avenue, everyone has their go-to candy bar of choice.

With so many options and varieties available, how could anyone not have at least one type of candy bar they like either.

1. Beef Jerky

2a01fab3a88f0c1b81282e14f509d708That’s right we saved the best for last and most of you have probably already guessed what our #1 truck stop snack is – BEEF JERKY!

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to gas station cuisine so to speak.

From beef sticks to jerky to even combinations of jerky with cheeses, the snack has easily become the most iconic truck stop and gas station snack today. Entire sections are devoted solely to beef jerky. Some places even sell bulk beef jerky!

Basically, jerky is big business and people everywhere love it.