Herb Hicks has been awarded the first of 5 Peterbilt 579’s

Herb Hicks, a Pohl Transportation Inc. employee since 7-25-91, was awarded the first of 5 Peterbilt 579’s that Pohl Transportation has purchased.

These trucks are being awarded on the basis of over 1,000,000 miles of safe driving and seniority. Herb is a million mile safe driver and the senior driver at Pohl Transportation and he is approaching his 25th year of service. Herb states the key to accident free driving is paying attention to what is happening all around you at all times. And to always be ready for unsafe actions by other drivers.

Congratulations Herb and Pohl Transportation thanks you for your years of professionalism and dedication to safe driving. Pictured with Herb are Wally Parke, VP of Safety, Rick Wyatt, VP of Operations & General Manager, and Rebecca Pohl, VP of Marketing.