Roadkill – Dinner Tonight

By Wally Parke

So what is the law regarding road kill? And yes, there are laws, regulating harvesting of road kill for consumption.

States set their own regulation in regard to whether road kill can be claimed by an individual or if is “property of the state”. It is a checkerboard of laws around the country when it comes to what can be done with Rocky, Bullwinkle, or Yogi.

Most states that allow the harvesting of road kill require a permit, usually by the occurrence or at the very least notification to the fish and wildlife agency. Since the rules vary from state to state people are encouraged to contact their wildlife department for guidance.

There are twelve states that prohibit the use of road kill, South Carolina, Delaware, Hawaii, Nevada, Mississippi, Iowa, New Mexico, Wyoming, Rhode Island, California, Texas and Oklahoma.

States that have passed laws allowing the practice say it is a waste of good meat. Just have to make sure all the gravel is out. Ok, time to eat!