Winter Weather – Snow and Ice

By Wally Parke

Longer travel times, possibility of getting stuck in parking lots, cars sliding out of control around you, ice and snow buildup on top of trailers – some of the many challenges of winter weather driving.

Look at the picture – car at the light, the light is a stale green, it goes to turn red before the car gets there, the car stops quickly, you have to stop to avoid rear-ending it, the road is slick. This is an example of a hazardous situation you can be put in and you have to be ready. The best way to be ready is control your speed. The biggest factor that you have control over when it comes to avoiding accidents is your speed. And the other most important thing that goes hand in hand with that is avoiding distractions. If you are in control of your speed and surveying the situation around you, then you are paying attention. So controlling your speed and avoiding distractions will go a long way to keeping you out of trouble.