4 Quick Driver Tips

Taking curves

Remember when taking a sharp curve or cornering you should slow down before the curve and then power through the curve. This way you avoid a trailer pushing you through the curve, you pull the trailer through it.
After slowing down before the curve of course.

Right hand turns

Make sure you keep your trailer in the right hand lane when you are making a right turn. Do not go out in a left lane and then make a right turn. Sure as anything a car is going to try to fill that gap to get past you or beat you through the turn. And you may not see them and then an accident occurs. Protect the right hand lane when turning.

Look ahead

Scan the road out in front of you, see what people are doing. See if traffic is slowing up ahead. Make adjustments for what is going on. Try to anticipate what cars might do that is going to cause trouble. Be ready to react to unexpected things.

Dropping trailers

Drop trailers so they are not so high for the next person. Let it ease off the 5th wheel. Leave an inch or two under the dolly pad legs.