Roadside Inspections – Avoid Violations

By Wally Parke

Pohl Transportation pays $100 for a clean roadside inspection. And yes, roadside inspections can make for a stressful situation but if you are driving safely and professionally there should be nothing to worry about. 5,591,286 violations were found during 3,281,852 roadside inspections in 2016.

Following is a list of things drivers have said helps them avoid violations during roadside inspections or worrying when they go through a scale house:

  • Obey the speed limit
  • No clutter on dashboard
  • Have seatbelt on at all times
  • Do not talk on Bluetooth while driving – wait til stopped
  • No quick lane changes
  • Never tailgate
  • No aggressive driving of any kind
  • Always do a thorough pre-trip inspection
  • Keep the interior of your truck clean
  • Fix non-working lights immediately
  • Behave as a professional during the inspection
  • Be well-rested
  • Have a clean professional appearance

Clean roadside inspections are beneficial to the driver as well as the company!