Scenic Routes to take on your next Road-Trip

The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 authorized the creation of 44,000 miles of interstate. The general idea behind this was to facilitate “speedy, safe transcontinental travel.” While we’ve all come to love the interstate’s ability to get us places fast— those old “inefficient routes” may actually be some of the best and most iconic routes in America!  So the next time you need to hit the road, or are setting out for the next great American Road Trip, these are some routes you may want to drive!

Alabama: Highway 78 is a gorgeous two lane road that will take you from Alabaman Appalachian Mountains into Talladega National Forest

Alaska: Haines Highway aside from the beautiful Alaskan landscape, this route has a lot of opportunity for watching Alaska’s native creatures, including the Bald Eagle.

Arkansas: Talimena Scenic Drive while this route is only about 54 miles, it is full of beautifully colored landscapes and winding roads that will not only be visually appealing but will prove to be a fun drive!

California’s Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most iconic routes in America. The turns and edges of this road will keep you on your toes— you won’t need a destination to love this road.

Delaware: Kennett Pike is full of not only beautiful landscapes, but rich history. While this part of Highway 52 is only 12 miles long it is full of bridges, museums and large estates.

Florida: Seven Mile Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the world, looking out at the open ocean won’t get old when you’re on this masterpiece!

Hana Highway located in Hawaii is 52 miles of pure wonder. This tight road will give you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and take some great photos!

Swan Falls Road is proof that Idaho has more to offer than just potatoes! Full of twists, turns, steep hills and giant birds— this Idahoan drive will have you at the edge of your seat!

Route 77 in Kentucky will take you right through the Nada Tunnel straight to the Red River Gorge — the Gorge is so beautiful the government has it registered.

Park Loop Road in Maine cuts right through Acadia National Park, need I say more? Its recently paved road leaves you ready for smooth driving.

Chesapeake County Scenic Byway located in Maryland is one of America’s most iconic sites. This path will take you past old plantations and courthouses to locations from the tea party— talk about a trip down memory lane!

The Las Vegas Strip in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada might not be full of natural wonders, but it is a sight to behold! You won’t regret this detour, and of course there’s plenty to do!

Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee has over 300 turns, but is only 11 miles long! Full of phenomenal sites, the road can be a bit dangerous, so if you’re ready to take your turn on this 11 mile dragon, make sure you’re on red alert.

Marinette County Waterfalls Tour in Wisconsin has 14 different waterfalls for your aesthetically viewing pleasures— and even better? Many of them come with parking!