This week’s spot light is on Bob Mikes (Tractor 606).

Bob has been driving over the road for 40 years and has been with Pohl Transportation since 2003. Bob’s favorite part of the country to drive through is Kentucky, he really enjoys the scenery there.

When Bob isn’t working he enjoys bass fishing. He has participated in and won several tournaments, and is looking forward to doing more of that when he retires. Bob also enjoys old cars. He is most proud of his 65 Corvair Monza Spyder convertible. Bob and his wife Kathleen also enjoy spending time with their kids and grandkids. One of their favorite places to take the grandkids is Dinosaur World in Bowling Green, KY. Bob and Kathleen are also in the process of remodeling their home, so that takes a lot of their time as well.

Thank you Bob for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.