This week’s driver spotlight is on Dennis Bumbarger (Tractor 596).

Dennis has worked for Pohl Transportation a couple different times over the years, with a total of almost 10 years. Dennis has been driving OTR for 24 years now, and still remembers his very first load. It was Super Bowl Sunday and his load delivered in Atlanta, the same town that the Super Bowl was being played. Dennis said it was quite a challenge, but he did it! Before driving Dennis did mechanical work with his dad and worked on local farms.

In his spare time Dennis enjoys spending time with family and friends. Dennis likes helping his son work on his car, and enjoys watching sports. Dennis’s favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Carolina Panthers. Dennis also volunteers with the local Fire Department when he can.

Dennis has a goal to visit all 50 states and only has 8 more to go. Dennis would like to go on a cruise some day and take a trip to Australia.

Thank you Dennis for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.