This week’s driver spot light is on Randy Harner (Tractor 590).

Randy has been with Pohl Transportation for 10 months and enjoys the family atmosphere at Pohl. Randy has been driving for almost 5 years, prior to driving Randy was a general contractor for 35 years. Randy enjoyed that profession very much, but decided to make the move to driving and feels that is a good fit for him as well. Randy’s father drove in the 50’s and 60’s, so he already some experience in trucking. Randy served in the US Navy for 1 term as an Engineman, thank you Randy for your service!

In his spare time, Randy enjoys spending time with his 2 kids and 5 grandkids, on-line gaming, watching movies and spending time at the lake. Randy’s goal is to buy a boat and a house on the lake when he retires and just enjoy life. Randy would also like to go zip lining, sky-diving (again), and go to the Caribbean on vacation.

Thank you Randy for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.