Pohl Adds 5 2020 Navistar Lonestars!

Pohl Transportation is introducing five 2020 Navistar LoneStar tractors along with our new 2020 Volvo 860’s.  The LoneStars are equipped with a fifteen liter, 450hp Cummins engine and the newest Eaton automated transmission, the Endurant.

The new trucks were available to all drivers and were awarded on the basis of a scorecard that tallied miles per gallon, productivity, safety, and variance.  Pohl values our drivers who have been here for years, even decades, and also wants to recognize the drivers who strive to do their best every day by awarding them the new LoneStars.

In addition to the LoneStars, Pohl’s fleet is comprised of beautiful Volvo 860’s.  Nine new Volvo’s were recently added to the fleet, and twenty-six more are coming throughout the rest of 2019.  We are currently hiring, come join our team!  800-672-8498, ask for Angie!