This week’s driver spotlight is on Robert Duis (Tractor 615)

Robert started with Pohl Transportation in November, bringing 8 years of OTR experience as well as 2 ½ years local driving. Before becoming a truck driver, Robert worked at Honda for 12 years in the welding department and quality control. Robert also did a summer assignment in research and development. Including his position with Honda, Robert has 30 years of factory experience.

Karen’s dog Buddy

Robert and his wife Karen enjoy spending time with family and friends. Robert is an avid “DIYer” – he likes learning and trying new things. Robert has a huge interest in electronics and electrical works, when he was in 5th grade he made his first circuit board. Robert is also a Ham Radio enthusiast, has done some computer repair work and upgrades and enjoys architecture.

Robert enjoys traveling and seeing the country; with family in North Carolina, they visit that state the most. Robert said his favorite places to see are the hills and mountains out east and south, it is “wonderful scenery”. Robert said in the future he has some interest in learning about the stock exchange and to start doing some different kinds of investing.

Thank you, Robert for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.