Happy Retirement Ron Hundley!

Last Friday, long term employee Ron Hundley, truck 659, brought his final load to the yard. Ron has been working for us since 4/18/02, and has been driving since the 80’s. A fun story about Ron is that he did not come to Pohl on his own- Ron, Lee Otto and Dave Signorini all came to Pohl at the same time! Ron, Dave and Lee have been driving together for years, Lee thought it had to be at least 20 years. All three are loyal, hardworking, dedicated drivers for Pohl, we are so honored you chose to work for us! Lee is actually the one who took Ron to the airport (thanks Lee!) for a farewell.

When we asked Ron how he would be spending his retirement, he said his son has an auto shop that he might tinker in. Ron also has a side by side that he plans on cruising around in. Congrats to you, Ron!