This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Kimberly Minus (Tractor 615)

Kimberly started with Pohl Transportation in October, and started her driving career in 2018.  Prior to driving, Kimberly was a home health aide, medical secretary, cashier and waitress. Kimberly also worked in warehouse/packaging and in the insurance field.  Kimberly enjoys having a diverse background in her work history, but says that driving has been her favorite so far. Kimberly likes seeing different destinations and learning the ways people live in each state.  Kimberly’s favorite destination so far has been California due to its beautiful scenery. Kimberly’s least favorite has been Wyoming as the snow was terrible to drive in.

When Kimberly isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.  Kimberly has 4 kids and 3 grandchildren. Kimberly also really likes to read just about any kind of book/poetry, and she likes just relaxing.

In the future, Kimberly would like to travel to Jamaica and island hop on a cruise or two.  Kimberly would like to hit the lottery (wouldn’t we all)!

Thank you, Kimberly for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.