This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Paul Smith (Tractor 588)

Paul started with Pohl Transportation in December and has been driving over the road for 7 years. Paul’s favorite part of driving is seeing and going to different places of the country. So far Paul’s favorite state has been Florida. Prior to driving, Paul worked in security, department store management and warehousing.

From an early age, Paul developed a passion for art. Paul loves to draw and paint, and has used many different mediums over the years including pencil, pen, charcoal and paint. Paul has drawn many subjects, but his favorite is drawing animation. When he’s not working, Paul enjoys spending time with his daughter, Znia, watching SciFi movies and reading.

Paul prides himself on being a hard worker and trying to be a good person. Paul enjoys life and tries to live it to the fullest.

Thank you, Paul for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.