This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Michael Bridges (Tractor 686)

Michael started with Pohl Transportation in March and has 2 ½+ years of experience. Michael has driven both over the road and regionally, and has pulled van and refers. Michael has always been fascinated with driving; his grandfather has driven for over 30 years and his father is a truck driver as well. Michael truly considers it a blessing to be a truck driver and is very thankful to Pohl for giving him the opportunity. As a driver he has enjoyed seeing the different places, with his favorite so far being Texas. Before driving, Michael worked for a moving company, as well as at different warehousing firms and fast-food places.

When he’s not working, Michael enjoys spending time with family, especially his 4 year old daughter. He also enjoys taking a long drive, going on walks, reading, watching movies and Big Time Wrestling, drawing, poetry and watching the Atlanta Falcons. In the future, Michael would like to visit the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and also travel abroad.

Thank you, Michael for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.