Joe Stith is a our 2022 Pohl Transportation Driver of the Year!

Congratulations goes to Joe Stith, truck 730, for being named Pohl Transportation’s Driver of the Year! Joe has been employed since 4-22-20, has a fuel average of 7.39 and a variance average of 4.6%.

Joe was selected from all drivers who were the Pohl Transportation Driver of the Month for 2022. Congrats goes to all of our DOM’s for 2022:

  • Randy Blanton- January
  • Jeff Hill- February
  • Scott Pomraning -March
  • Joe Altadonna -April
  • Richard Kimble- May
  • Thomas Wallen- June
  • Doug Bennett- July
  • Alex Harrison- August
  • Charlie Ray- September
  • Joe Stith- October
  • Jay Cramer- November
  • David Kear- December