This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Steven Tackett (Tractor 824)

Steven has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since May of 2022. Steven first heard about us through another Pohl driver, Billy Grimmett. 

The biggest change that Steven has seen in his years of driving is all the technological changes. Steven went through the change from paper logs to ELD’s and now enjoys using the ELD’s. He also likes to use his Garmin GPS for navigation and likes to drive the Volvo 860s. Steven enjoys working at Pohl because they treat you like family and help you out anytime you need it. 

 Steven’s favorite restaurant to eat at is Steak n’ Shake. His favorite homecooked meal is a deer roast and his favorite snack to grab on the go is trail mix. 

Thank you, Steven, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.