This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Greg Mayes (Tractor 804)

Greg joined the Pohl Transportation Family in June of 2023. Greg had seen our trucks on the road and our ad on Indeed, and decided to give us a call.   

Greg has seen many changes in the trucking industry, with the biggest being the changes in technology. Greg had to go through the change from paper logs to ELD’s and says he prefers the ELD’s over the paper logs. He uses a few different maps for navigation and says the Volvo are nice trucks. Greg enjoys working at Pohl because we do a good job and keep our promises.    

Greg’s favorite restaurant to eat at is Texas Longhorn Steakhouse and his favorite homecooked meal is BBQ chicken. His favorite snack to grab on the go is Subway.   

Thank you, Greg, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.