10 interesting facts about the trucking industry!

Think you know trucking? Well we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts about the industry we all love!

Peterbilt 11. Today’s clean diesel trucks generate only 1/60th the emissions of a truck on the roads in 1988

2. A single commercial truck uses an average of 20,500 gallons of fuel per year. That’s almost 20,000 gallons more than most cars!

3. The United States boasts nearly 200,000 female long haul truck drivers.

4. The Trucking industry accounts for nearly 5% of the GDP each year, collecting an average of 650 billion dollars.

5. The majority of U.S. trucking companies are small businesses.

PohlTruckBack6. In 2012, nearly 13% of all of the fuel purchased in the U.S. was by truckers.

7. What are you most likely to find in the trailer of a truck? Statistics say clothing, furniture, electrical good, machinery and food are the most transported items.

8. Trucks are responsible for 70% of all freight moved in the U.S.

9. There are roughly 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States.

10. There are nearly 16 million trucks operating today!

We hope you enjoyed this list of the top 10 facts about our industry. It sure is interesting, and you can’t deny it has a huge impact on the daily lives of everyone in the country!