Safe Holiday Driving Tips

Every trucker knows how busy the holiday season can get. Being away from home and family on those long hauls can be especially difficult during this season, and poor road conditions, colder temperatures and tight schedules can make that time on the road even tougher.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of ways to help make your time at the wheel a bit easier…and safer this holiday season.

Be prepared to deal with inclement weather. Check the forecasts of the areas you’ll be driving through so you know what to expect along your route. Be prepared for whatever road conditions you may encounter. If you’re traveling over dangerous terrain it may be a good idea to keep a set of snow chains handy for extra traction.

Make sure your truck is ready for the road! Check your wipers and fluids, and make sure your radiator and cooling system have been serviced. Clear all ice and snow from your vehicle to make sure you have maximum visibility and avoid creating a dangerous situation for the vehicle behind you.

Keep extra warm clothing on hand in case you get stranded. Serious traffic jams or mechanical problems can leave you stuck on the roads in dangerously low temperatures. It’s a good idea to keep extra warm clothes, and even extra warm blankets on hand in case you find yourself in this situation.

Slow Down! It’s tempting to push the speed limit when you’re trying to get home to the family, but that is even more dangerous in congested holiday traffic on potentially hazardous roads. Slow down a bit and leave plenty of space between you and your fellow motorists.

Don’t leave freight unattended. Thefts and break ins reach their yearly high around the holidays with criminals looking to take advantage of the extra and often valuable freight traveling the roads. Leave your truck in a well-lit and safe lot, and minimize your time away from the truck to not present burglars with an easy target.

By following these tips you can make your time on the road a little bit less stressful, and help make sure you get back safely in time for Christmas.