This week’s driver spot light is on Tom Seidl (Tractor 587).

Tom has been with Pohl Transportation for 13 years and been driving for 28 years total. While Tom has spent a bulk of his career in driving, he has experience in other fields. Tom has worked as a frozen food broker with ACME, had his own painting business, done construction, and managed both a shopping center and condos.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing guitar and drums, riding his Harley, and playing cards with his fiancée, Ann Marie. Tom has seen and lived in many places over the years – but would one day like to travel to Europe.

Tom is one of our Million Mile drivers, and has been Driver of the Month 3 times. Tom expressed his deep appreciation to the Pohl family for all they have done for him over the years. His favorite thing about working at Pohl is the family environment, and how they try to help their drivers when they are in need or struggling in their personal lives.

Thank you Tom for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.