This week’s driver spot light is on Gary Tyree (Tractor 560).

Gary has been with Pohl Transportation since 2011 and been driving local and over the road for 20 years. Before driving Gary had a few foundry and factory jobs, and eventually worked for the Ohio DNR, Division of CCC. It was at this job that Gary learned how to work on heavy equipment and ultimately learned how to drive and get his CDL.

Gary dirt drag racing his 79 GMC he calls Matilda

In his spare time Gary enjoys 4-wheeling. Gary has been involved in mud racing and enjoys that, but admits he has the most fun just hanging out with friends spending the day riding trails and making their own fun in the mud. Gary is looking forward to going to Rush Off-Road in Kentucky later this year. Gary is an original member of the Stars and Bars 4×4 Club. Gary collects RC cars, helicopters and drones.

Gary would like to get a Razor someday and do a little racing with that. Gary would like to visit the Rockies and Arizona and do some 4-wheeling there.

Thank you Gary for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.