Happy Retirement Herb Hicks!

This month our long term employee Herb Hicks made the decision to retire. From the desk of Rick Wyatt:

Herb began his 27 year career with Pohl back in 1991, driving one of Harold Pohl’s trucks he had leased to Elite Systems. Herb was then brought over to Pohl Transportation in January of 1998. In Herb’s 27 year career at Pohl, he has been made Driver of the Month, Driver of the Year, and is a member of the prestigious Million Mile Safe Driver Club.

Whether running dedicated or OTR, we could always depend on Herb to get his freight delivered in a safe and timely manner. Herb always treated our customers and his truck with the upmost respect. Anytime I would talk with our customers about Herb, they praised him for the professionalism he showed and his dedication to Pohl. Anytime you would look at Herb’s truck it looked like it did the day he received it. Herb took great pride in his ride, and it always showed. Herb comes from a breed that are slowly retiring from our industry, and he will very much be missed by all of our staff and drivers. Herb was a true asset to our family of drivers.

We wish you the best in your retirement, Herb!