This week’s driver spot light is on Greg Joseph (Tractor 620)

Greg started with Pohl Transportation in October 2018 and has 13 months experience. While Greg may not have a lot of experience, he has already racked up 100k safe miles. Way to go, Greg! Greg’s claim to fame here at Pohl is that he is our youngest driver in the fleet. Like many guys in his area, Greg worked in the coal fields before taking up over the road driving.

When Greg isn’t working he enjoys being outside just relaxing. Greg likes to be in the hills riding 4-wheelers and side-by-side RZR’s. Thankfully there are many places to ride in his area. Greg really enjoys driving, he likes being out on the road behind the wheel. Greg said he likes that he “doesn’t have to worry about anyone standing over him”. Greg prides himself on doing a good job and doing it safely. Greg has seen much of the country, but says the California Coastline is his favorite.

Thank you Greg for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.