This week’s driver spotlight is on Donny Reichard (Tractor 564)


Donny started with Pohl Transportation in January, but started his driving career in 2002. Before going to truck driving school Donny worked in construction. Donny was also active in the Marine Corp from 1996-2000, serving in the infantry as an E4 Corporal. He was deployed to Thailand and Japan during his time with the military. Thank you Donny for your service!

In his spare time, Donny enjoys spending time with his kids and his wife Christy, whom he married in 2003. Donny likes watching the Dolphins and Hurricanes play football, and follows Chase Elliott on the NASCAR circuit. Over the years Donny has been to the Daytona and Bristol Night Race.

Donny is proud of all his kids and their own individual accomplishments, but proud to share that his 2 older sons are active in the military. One son is in the Marines, the other in the Army. His daughter, who is currently still in High School, is considering the Navy. In the future Donny is looking forward to buying a house, growing old with his wife, and watching his kids continue on with the next stages of their lives.

Thank you Donny for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.