This week’s spotlight is on David Feldges (Tractor 603)

Dave came to Pohl Transportation in February, but has been driving a truck since 1975. Dave ran team with his wife, Jean, for 20 of those years. As a team they averaged 275K miles/year. Unfortunately, Jean lost her battle with cancer at the beginning of the year, which is what prompted Dave to look to Pohl Transportation as a new “driving home”.

Before driving, Dave worked as a tool & die machinist for 5 years, and was also a preacher for a while. Before all of that Dave was enlisted in the U.S. Airforce from 1965- 1968 and served in Vietnam. Thank you, Dave for your service!

Dave enjoys spending his days with his service dog, Montana, and reading the Bible. Dave absolutely loves horses. Dave and Jean used to have 40 acres in Colorado where they had several horses. On the weekends they would do Ranch and Hunting camp tours on horseback both in Colorado and Montana. They had a great time together. After he retires, Dave would like to move back to Colorado, visit Yellowstone and see the Giant Redwood trees. Basically “all the things you can’t see when you’re driving a truck.”

Thank you, Dave for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.