This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Tim Black (Tractor 622)

Tim started with Pohl Transportation in September and had one year of experience prior to coming to Pohl. Prior to driving, Tim was a deck hand on a river coal barge for 10 years and also has manual labor experience. Tim was in the Marine Corp for 2 years and was stationed in North Carolina. Tim was a Lance Corporal and operated as an M1A1 tanker while he served. Thank you, Tim for your service.

Tim and his wife, Carolyn were married in November; congratulations to the newlyweds! Tim has 2 daughters, ages 11 and 13. When Tim is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family. Tim also likes to fish, watch TV and just relax. Tim is also an avid Jimmy Buffet fan. Tim has been from California to New York and pretty much everywhere in between and feels fortunate having done so.

In the future, Tim would like to buy a house, take a cruise to the Bahamas, and go scuba diving.

Thank you, Tim for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.