This week’s spot light is on David “Linro” Koester (Truck 687)

Linro started with Pohl Transportation in February and has been driving over the road for 10 years. He has pulled both box and refer trailers over the years. Before driving, Linro worked in the food service industry. He has done it all – from bussing tables and washing dishes to becoming a chef in his own restaurant. He has worked in simple restaurants all the way to fine dining establishments. Linro moved on to expand his portfolio in the culinary field by becoming a teacher at his alma mater – Hocking Technical College. Linro also taught prisoners how to become cooks after leaving their incarceration period.

When Linro is not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends – and of course his wife, Martha and their 2 dogs. He also likes to do yard work, landscaping, fishing, woodworking and just simply relaxing when he can. Linro would like to go to New Orleans, Canada and Alaska to see the northern lights. He would also like to pull a camper around the U.S. for a couple months and visit all the sites that he has seen signs for and wasn’t able to stop with a semi and trailer.

Thank you, Linro for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.