This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Bennie Stith (Tractor 628)

Bennie started with Pohl Transportation in August, and has been driving over the road since 1995. Bennie’s brother Joe also works for Pohl. Before driving, Bennie was an Equine Manager. Bennie received his degree in Equine Management from the University of Kentucky and has worked on several horse farms over the years, including as a kid growing up. Bennie has experience and has worked every aspect of the horse farm; everything from cleaning the stalls and the horses, saddle breaking, training, birthing assists and racing. Bennie was even up close with Secretariat and Hansel over the years, both of whom were triple crown winners.

When he is not working, Bennie enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Annette. Bennie also likes listening to music, watching his Miami Dolphins, and doing remodeling projects. Bennie and Annette are currently remodeling their kitchen, which has turned into quite an undertaking. And of course, we cannot forget to mention Bennie and Annette’s “kids”; they have 7 Great Pyrenees that they absolutely adore.

In the future, Bennie would like to take Annette on a cruise, maybe to the Bahamas.

Thank you, Bennie for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.