This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Gary Shaffer (Tractor 750)

Gary has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since 2009, but has been driving since 1984. Gary first heard about Pohl when he saw our ad in the newspaper in Somerset, PA. When Gary made the move to Pohl, it was a fun day for him – he started a new job AND it was his birthday!

The greatest change that Gary has seen in years of driving is the speed and performance of the trucks. Gary said the improvements in the power of the trucks and how much they can pull has greatly enhanced. Gary also said the major change from paper logs to e-log took some time to get used to. At Pohl, Gary really likes to stay in the “box” while driving for us. He likes the familiarity, where he knows the routes, stops and how many miles he can run.

Some advice that Gary would like to give to current, new, and potential drivers is to be patient, especially when on the road. Along with being patient, Gary said you also need to stay alert. Gary left us with his favorite food to eat: biscuits and gravy, and his favorite snack is pork cracklins!
Thank you, Gary, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.