This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Gary Tyree (Tractor 753)

Gary has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since 2011, but has 23 years total of driving experience. Gary heard about Pohl through Frank Mitchell, who has been with us since 2010!

Gary said there have been many good and bad changes in technology, one being cell phones. Gary said they can be useful when you need them and are safely parked, but bad when you are out on the road driving. Gary said it is not just truck drivers that are bad with their phone usage, but everyone out on the road. Gary said the major change from paper logs to e-log took some time to get used to and can still be a pain. At Pohl, Gary really likes the relaxed atmosphere and is a Million Mile Safe Driver. Congrats Gary!

Gary loves when his dog Tobias, a basset hound, gets to ride with him 2 days a week. Gary left us with his favorite place to eat: Loretta Lynn Kitchen in Hurricane Mills, TN, and his favorite snack is fudge rounds.

Thank you, Gary, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.