This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Billy Grimmett (Tractor 752)

Billy has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since 2016. Billy heard about Pohl through a friend that used to work here. Billy has been named Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year in 2018 – Congrats Billy!

In all of his years of driving, Billy has seen a few changes in the trucking industry. The trucks have had technological changes like the safety features and going from manual to automatic. Billy is more of an old school guy, but he does love the automatic tractors better. Billy enjoys working at Pohl because he gets home on the weekends. Billy says he makes a good living here and everyone at the shop and the office are very friendly. He says the shop maintenance is amazing and Pohl is a top shelf company.

If Billy needs a quick place to stop and eat, it is normally Wendy’s or Subway, and his favorite quick snack on the road is just a sandwich or a candy bar.

Thank you, Billy, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.