This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Sue Jude (Tractor 751)

Sue has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since 2016. Sue heard about Pohl through her previous co-workers that she used to haul coal with in Eastern, KY. Sue has been the Driver of the Month – Congrats Sue!

In all of her years of driving, Sue has seen many changes in the trucking industry, with the biggest being the navigation. Sue said navigation has come a long way, and she really depends on her GPS. Sue loves the automatic trucks, and also likes the e-logs better than paper logs! Sue said it’s because she likes her 10-hour break and getting a good rest. Sue lists different reasons why she enjoys working for Pohl: good staff, good company, they help you out, keep you rolling and get you home.

Some advice that Sue would like to give to current, new and potential drivers is to get a good GPS, use a CB radio and always have an atlas on you. She says these tools are very useful in the industry. Sue’s favorite restaurant is Denny’s and her favorite snack to grab on the go is a Market Fresh sub or sandwich from Love’s.

Thank you, Sue, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.