This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Derek St. John (Tractor 771)


Derek joined the Pohl Transportation Family at the beginning of July this year. Derek found Pohl when he was looking for a job closer to home. 

Derek has seen many changes in the trucking industry, with the biggest being the changes in technology. Derek went through the change from paper logs to ELD’s and says the ELD’s are easier now. He likes to use the Truckers Path app for navigation and says the Volvos are comfortable and dependable trucks.  Derek enjoys working at Pohl because the hometime is great, the shop is outstanding, and everyone is nice. 

Derek’s favorite restaurant to eat at is Texas Roadhouse and his favorite homecooked meal is steak. His favorite snack to grab on the go is Reese Cups.  

Thank you, Derek, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.