America’s Best Roadside Attractions Part 1

The road trip is a staple of American travel. What we often forget about is all of the cool things we pass on the way to our destination. Next time you set out on your cross country destination; plan to stop and stretch your legs with a few of these fun roadside attractions.

The Unclaimed Baggage Center
in Scottsboro, Alabama is home to America’s forgotten luggage. Taking up over a city block, the Unclamed Baggage Center offers everything you’ve forgotten at the airport up for sale!

The Thing is one of the more famous attractions on this list. There’s only one way to find out what The Thing is, and that’s to take the mysterious detour. Arizona’s I-10 attraction located at exit 312 and will leave you at the edge of your seat!

The UFO Watchtower in Colorado is perfect for the extraterrestrial believer. Considered to be a hot spot for alien activity, this ranch is perfect for the explorer in you.

The Cushing Brain Collection is the perfect location for our future doctors and medical enthusiasts’ next vacation. This New Haven, Connecticut Library is full of, well…brains! The brains carry various diseases and tumors that make them valuable for study and a must see on our list.

Miles the Monster
is a giant stone statue with glowing red eyes! Holding a car in his left hand and terrorizing racers below this monster towers over the Dover International Speedway. If you’re looking for the perfect photo-op Miles is a must see.

The World’s Largest Ball of Paint is located in Alexandria, IN. This massive ball is hanging from an industrial hook and weighs 2.5 tons!

The World’s Largest Jack in the Box is a 600 pound clown head on top of a giant silo. This bizarre site is located at Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center. Great for clown enthusiasts!

The Dog Bark Park Inn is for dog lovers only. This single room hotel is shaped like a giant Beagle! The attached park is filled with cool dog art and features a chainsaw artist.

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine is one of our more well known roadside attractions on this list. Housed in Cawker City, KA the giant ball of twine stands eight feet tall and weighs 5,000 pounds.

Hole n’ The Rock, located in Moab, Utah is a cave home with 14 different rooms. The home was hand carved and takes up 50,000 square feet. Even better? There’s a petting zoo!

So if you’re on the road and are tired of the usual sights, why not check out one of these stranger roadside attractions the highways and byways of America have to offer?