This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Thomas Cook (Tractor 645)

Thomas started with Pohl Transportation in December.  Tom started his driving career in 2015 and has experience in both Class A and B driving.  Before he started driving, Tom went to college to be a certified welder.  After college he used those skills and worked with Worldwide as an over the road welder.  In his 5 years with them he traveled through many states, focusing on the PA, NY and MD areas.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife, Monica and his 2 boys.  Some of their favorite things to do are fishing and going to his family’s farm to ride ATV’s and dirt bikes.  They all just love being outdoors in general.  Tom also likes to play guitar, bass guitar and drums.  He and his friends will get together to play or he will play by himself.  Tom also enjoys collecting and fixing up old vehicles, and is proud of the collection he has accumulated and the work he has done on them.  Tom and his family have been to Gatlinburg several times and enjoy their trips there.  In the future, he would like to take them to the ocean and would also like to go to Washington state to see the big red wood trees.

Thank you, Tom for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.