This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Frank Mitchell (Tractor 643)

Frank has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since 2010. Frank first heard about Pohl from an old co-worker that he used to work with. Once he came on board with Pohl, he got Gary Tyree to join our family too!

One of the biggest changes that Frank has seen in his years of driving are the major improvements in the trucks. They are now more powerful, durable and have had many technological improvements. In Frank’s years of driving, one of the biggest changes he learned was the change from paper logs to e-logs. Frank talked about a few things that he loves about Pohl: they understand incidents happen, dispatch works with you, they pay good and they know your name.

Some advice that Frank would like to give to current, new, and potential drivers is to stay safe and plan your trip ahead. Frank left us with his favorite meal to eat: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn, and his favorite snack on the road is chips and cookies.

Thank you, Frank, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.