This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Kim Hill (Tractor 729)


Kim has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since 2018. Kim knew about Pohl Transportation from her brother-in-law, Joe Castle, who works here as well.  Kim has also been the Driver of the Month – Congrats Kim! 

Kim has seen many different changes in the industry. When she first started, there was no 30-minute break and you drove till you were tired. Now, they make you take a break and get sleep. She started with paper logs, but now likes the e-logs because she doesn’t have to do math and it gives you those breaks. She also really enjoys driving the automatic tractors. Kim says she loves that Pohl has a great family feel. She says when you walk in, everyone knows your name and who you are. She says if you need home, they get you home and will work with you.    

Some advice that Kim would like to give to current, new and potential drivers is to be patient; it is a waiting experience. You are always learning something new and don’t let the bad parts get to you. Kim’s favorite restaurant is any Chinese or Mexican and her favorite snack to grab on the go is a bag of chips.

Thank you, Kim, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.