This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Bennie Stith (Tractor 735)

Bennie has been a part of the Pohl Transportation Family since 2020. Bennie heard about Pohl after his brother (Joe) made the change here and then Bennie decided to join! 

In all of his years of driving, Bennie has seen many changes in the trucking industry, with the biggest being the changes in technology. Bennie says the trucks have more safety features and the e-logs are better and easier. He also likes how the navigation has become easier. Bennie enjoys working at Pohl because everyone is easy to get along with. He loves the small family atmosphere and says it is the best company he’s found in 27 years. 

Some advice that Bennie would like to give to current, new, and potential drivers is if you have a problem, talk to your Driver Manager. Make sure you communicate well and don’t dust things over. Bennie’s favorite restaurant to eat at is Red Lobster, his favorite homecooked meal is meatloaf and his favorite snack to grab on the go is a Slim Fast shake.

Thank you, Bennie, for being a part of the Pohl Transportation Family.