This week’s Driver Spotlight is on Braxton Siano (Tractor 616)

Braxton started with Pohl Transportation in November, and brings over 2 years of driving experience with him. Braxton has pulled dry box, flatbed and hoppers. Braxton said one of the things he likes about driving is that you are doing some different every day. Before he started driving, Braxton did production work in a factory, doing the same thing all day long. Driving has been a welcomed change!

When he’s not working, Braxton enjoys spending time with his daughter, family and of course his girlfriend, Sara. Some of their favorite things to do with his daughter are bowling and going to the zoo. Braxton bought a motorcycle last year and has enjoyed riding it when he’s home. In the future, he would like to take a cycle trip to Florida to visit his parents. Braxton is a big Buckeye football fan and likes catching the games on TV when he can.

Braxton would like to take a trip to see the Grand Canyon someday.

Thank you, Braxton for being a part of the Pohl Transportation family.