We’re wishing a great new school year to our Summer Intern Zach Griesdorn!

We recently had to bid farewell to our summer intern Zach Griesdorn as he headed back to college at Bowling Green. Zach is a former recipient of the Pohl Transportation Scholarship, and we were pleased to have him as our intern here. His eagerness to help, inquisitiveness and ideas were appreciated by all. We miss Zach already, and look forwards to having him back with us over his winter break.

Good luck at school, Zach!

Thanks to everyone, and especially the Pohl family, for giving me this excellent opportunity with my summer internship. I am grateful for the diverse opportunities that Pohl Transportation allowed me to experience. Whether I was with Beverly, Pam and Keena in customer service or Travis, Jackie and Meghan in dispatch, I now know there’s a lot more communication and planning that goes into just one load than I would ever imagine. It was nice to see the number of things that Rick has to consider when placing bids with companies and getting certain lanes that would work best for Pohl. Also, it was impressive to see Pam C. work and how she does just about everything that would happen to land on her desk, which is a bunch. Renee, Brenda, Cheryl, and Rebecca have been supportive as I observed them work and tried to help them here and there with their daily work in accounting, billing, and marketing. They are always so friendly as they work on numerous important tasks to keep the office running efficiently. I also learned from Angie, Corey and Aliya as they are on the phone talking to drivers and future hires making sure that everything they say is 100% factual.


Spending a couple weeks in the shop was interesting and I learned a lot there as well. I now know that the supposedly “slow” days, turn into the busiest days and that anything can pop up at any given time. When it does, the problems need fixed as quickly as possible so the trucks can get back on the road. Riding with Pohl Transportation driver Jim Bruner for a day was another cool experience. I got to see firsthand the duties and responsibilities that a truck driver has to deal with daily. Navigating to the correct destination, dealing with traffic, and paying close attention 24/7 because some people are not paying attention to you are just a couple of the driver’s responsibility. Each and every part of this internship was a learning experience for sure. I know that Pohl’s drivers are extremely blessed to have the staff they have at Pohl Transportation, and that the staff members here would do just about anything for them.


I gained a whole lot of knowledge about the trucking industry and how the business runs. I want to again thank everyone at Pohl Transportation for their constant support, patience, and for teaching me what goes on behind the scenes. It was all appreciated.


Thank You,
Zach Griesdorn